Optimizing customer support for business success

Contact Center Services

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring a highly efficient contact center is crucial for the success of your business. Companies are now outsourcing contactcenter services to industry experts, allowing them to concentrate on their core activities and essential business functions.

The process of managing incoming and outgoing calls/ chats in the contact centre requires skilled handling to address customer inquiries, offer support, and carry out sales tasks with efficiency and effectiveness. We will help you in managing your customer support and communication functions efficiently and swiftly.

At Yellowstone XPs, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wide range of contact centre solutions. These include managing both inbound and outbound calls, providing customer support, and handling any inquiries on behalf of our valued clients.

Advantages of partnering with Yellowstone XPs

Our team of professionals excels in providing personalized customer services to meet your business requirements. Our state-of-the-art technological infrastructure enables effortless call management and prompt resolution of customer questions. We prioritize enhancing customer satisfaction by maintaining meaningful interactions. Partnering with Yellowstone XPs enables you to adapt swiftly to changes in call volumes. We further informed decision-making by providing data insights. Collaborating with us provides the perfect opportunity for businesses seeking to expand their operations.

Why is Yellowstone the ideal choice?

Our customer service representatives are well-equipped to tackle a wide range of technical challenges with efficiency and expertise. We are committed to deliver exceptional customer experience and tech support which helps us to deliver a multilingual and multichannel approach. We believe that by catering to our customer's preferred channels and languages, we can provide unparalleled assistance and elevate overall satisfaction levels. As a leading customer service and tech support service provider, our goal is to deliver the superlative customer experience.

Our range of technical support services

Helpdesk Solutions

We take pride in providing excellent custom made help desk solutions, ensuring prompt solutions and improved experiences.

Network Support

Our team of certified engineers is highly skilled in addressing any concerns related to networks, data security, and connectivity.

Enhance customer experience through our professional
live chat outsourcing services

In today’s modern world, customers anticipate instant solutions to their needs. Live chat support service is now a crucial tactic for businesses looking to stay competitive and meet the high demands of customers.

We have a skilled team to deliver real-time chat support services for your business. With our service, your customers can enjoy round-the-clock responses, efficient solutions, and the opportunity to provide valuable feedback, giving them true empowerment.

Our Range of Live Chat Outsourcing Services

Instant Web Support

Our AI and ML-powered chatbots make customer interactions efficient with their intuitive understanding and seamless resolution.


Our live chatbots and customer service representatives possess a keen understanding that allows them to provide highly effective recommendations to potential customers which help in generating revenue

Order Support

Enjoy the convenience of real-time communication for tasks such as order verification, purchase inquiries, tracking updates, and other queries throughout the order process ; greatly benefitting your business.

Advantages of Entrusting Live Chat Support to Yellowstone XPs

Inbound: Revolutionize your business operations

Yellowstone XPs employs skilled customer service representatives to provide state of the art customer experience. We offer support on Query, Request and Complaint raised by customers. It is our responsibility to resolve customer’s QRC on immediate basis with the purpose of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Prompt and Reliable Technical Support Solutions

It is important for businesses to incorporate the latest technological advancements into their products and services. It is essential to promote technological integration, along with provision of right technical support.

Customer loyalty will depend on the quality of Customer service you provide in today’s competitive market. The quality of your Customer service determines whether they remain your valued client or switch to a competitor. Collaborating with a trustworthy contact centre ensures timely and top-notch assistance, elevating the overall customer experience to new heights.

At Yellowstone XPs, we provide 24/7 tech support outsourcing services. Our efficient and dedicated Customer Service Representatives effectively solve customers' Query, Requests or Complaints resulting in their satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty.

Our Range of Call Center Outsourcing Services

Outbound: Loan repayment collection

Offering collection / Recovery services in optimizing customer engagement and repayment

Having collection services is essential for businesses to effectively recover unsettled debts and overdue payments. They assist you in contacting debtors, negotiating payment arrangements, and ensuring compliance with legal protocols.

Recovery/ Collection outsourcing helps companies safeguard their financial health by maintaining cash flow and profitability. Through effective management of unpaid debts, collection services allow companies to prioritize their core operations and maintain long-term growth and stability

Why choose Yellowstone XPs as your collection / recovery outsourcing partner

At Yellowstone XPs, we take pride in providing collection services to match your requirements. With a proven track record of success, Yellowstone helps you navigate complex scenarios, we always follow ethical and compliant practices. Our team of experts excels in providing these solutions and strategies to maximize your recovery rates.

We are committed to enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction by ensuring respectful and empathetic communication throughout the collection process. We utilize powerful reporting and analytical tools to deliver in-depth insights into collection performance, enabling companies to make informed decisions.

Collaborating with Yellowstone XPs as your collection outsourcing partner ensures you receive results-driven collection services that safeguard your brand reputation, and optimize your financial recovery efforts through a customer-centric approach.

Our Range of Out Collection Outsourcing Services

Debt Collection

Yellowstone XPs specializes in reaching out to individuals with unpaid debts aiming to recover overdue payments.

Payment Reminders

Our services include communicating with debtors via various channels such as phone calls, emails, or letters, and sending out reminders regarding outstanding payments.

Negotiation & Settlement

We engage in negotiations with debtors to create repayment plans or settlements. We aim to reach mutually satisfactory terms that enable debtors to pay off their debts while meeting the creditor's needs.

Credit Risk Assessment

We specialize in offering credit risk assessment services that thoroughly evaluate the creditworthiness of individuals or entities. We then deliver detailed reports to our clients, based on our assessments.


Customized professional upselling services for your success

Upselling is essential in today’s competitive business world, to encourage customers to purchase your additional items or services. By outsourcing upselling, companies will benefit as it enables them to maximize their revenue per customer interaction, resulting in increased sales and overall profitability.

Implementing upselling strategies not only increases the lifetime value of customers but also boosts customer satisfaction through personalized recommendations, ultimately strengthening the company’s competitiveness in the market by generating additional sales. By effectively implementing upselling strategies, companies can not only boost their profitability but also create stronger customer connections and repeat business.

Partnering with an upselling outsourcing service, such as Yellowstone XP, enables companies to obtain specialized knowledge, access a skilled workforce, and take advantage of dedicated resources solely focused on upselling. This optimizes companies by optimizing sales strategies while freeing up internal teams to concentrate on core business functions.

Advantages of partnering with Yellowstone XPs for your upselling

Selecting Yellowstone XP as your upselling partner will unlock a wide range of advantages for you. Our team consists of experienced professionals from a wide range of industries. We align our strategies to perfectly align with your brand, ensuring a strong connection with your customers. Utilizing our data-driven strategy will enable you to identify and capitalize on upselling opportunities, maximizing revenue potential.

At Yellowstone XP, we prioritize delivering exceptional customer service to ensure that your clients have nothing but a positive experience. We help you build strong, long-lasting loyalty, through our unique approach. Yellowstone XP is a leading upselling service provider that is ideal for your company, by elevating your upselling efforts to new heights of success.

Our Range of Upselling Outsourcing Services

Upselling Strategy Development

We offer personalized upselling strategies that align with your product or service by carefully analyzing customer behavior, preferences, and purchase history of your products

Customer Profiling and Segmentation

We are dedicated to assisting you in customer profiling by segmenting your customers based on various criteria such as buying patterns, demographics, or preferences.

Upselling Campaign Management

Yellowstone XPs handles your upselling campaigns from identifying potential upsell opportunities to designing marketing materials. We specialize in launching campaigns across various channels (such as phone, email, and chat)

Sales Training
and Support

we assist you in training your sales representatives by providing training on upselling techniques, product knowledge, and effective communication strategies.

E-KYC: Outsourcing for efficient identity verification

Businesses are increasingly turning to outsourcing E-KYC processes in order to benefit from specialized expertise and advanced technological infrastructure built for accurate and efficient identity verification. At Yellowstone XP, we utilize a range of technological resources and databases to verify identities, confirm personal information, and adhere to regulatory standards - all without relying on physical documentation!

By utilizing E-KYC outsourcing, businesses can effectively expand their operations in a more adaptable manner, with the ability to adjust resources according to shifts in demand. A third-party E-KYC provider ensures compliance and accuracy but also enhances the overall efficiency of your processes.

Our Range of E-KYC Outsourcing Services

Identity Verification

Our services include validating personal information, conducting document verifications, and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards in client onboarding..

Document Authentication

We specialize in assisting customers by verifying the authenticity of various documents, including IDs, passports, and utility bills, to ensure full compliance and accuracy in the KYC process.

Compliance Management

Yellowstone excels in conducting risk assessment compliance checks by analyzing customer data against various watchlists, databases, and regulatory guidelines.

Query Resolution

We provide customer support by guiding them through the verification process.

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