BPO & Contact Centers Expanding Retail Horizons

Many people use social media and the Internet to shop these days, so stores have had to devise new methods for attracting their attentions. They therefore have to know how to sell their products not just in the home country but all over the world. Running a call center for such an important store is truly onerous work.

According to studies, unless the customer service teams adjust rapidly too, they will cause harm to their store. And guess what? But most shoppers will say how they were treated by the customer service people has to determine whether or not you bought something!

Therefore, excellent customer service is crucial for store survival. This not only makes people return to buy more, but also gives them a competitive advantage over other shops and enables them to earn more money.

One method is to save on manpower by subcontracting out your call center and online chat functions. In this way, your customers are sure to feel that they're getting first class service and then some, and will be loyal returning customers.
In short, a focus on the customer is like giving your store an invisible hand.

Building Businesses with YellowStone XPs

Food and household products

We make these companies faster and more customer-focused, helping them run smoothly and interact better with their customers.

Electronics and appliances

We manage their inventory and improve their customer service after someone buys something, even with new technology coming out all the time.

Clothes and fashion

We help clothing companies keep up with changing trends and what people want, so they can sell more

Vitamins and supplements

This market is growing fast, and we help these companies connect with customers, take orders, and provide good service after someone buys something to keep them coming back for more.

Our Retail Call Center Services

Benefits You Get From Our Retail Call Center

Catalog Management

Customers have access to accurate quality data and current item prices when we handle their catalog management services. This will enable them to make rational, informed choices and enjoy themselves.

Inventory Management

To keep your customers informed about their stocks or inventories, our customer support staff will be there to provide immediate assistance. They will also let you inform customers when the products are ready to use the supplies more efficiently.

Group One--Order Enquiry; Order-Taking & Processing

Our customer support can also assist by providing precise, accurate information in order to serve your customers. Of course, we will receive and process customer orders so that they get what they pays for at the appointed time.

Order Fulfillment Enquiry & Management

We will inform them in detail about the status of their orders, and also keep in contact with your customers on urgent matters. This sees that your customers know about everything.

Sales Return Accounting

Our service helps retail businesses with their accounts of sales returns, in order to discover the trends of their revenues and profits as well as opportunities for improvement.

Complaint Management

Your issues and complaints will be solved, not evaded or postponed, by an executive with years of experience in Retail BPO. Only in this way can harmonious relations be developed with customers and brand loyalty boosted.

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