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At YellowStone XPs, our RCM services team addresses the problems in your revenue cycle management, from the time your patient walks in until you collect the fees for your services. Our services promote your development. We provide time-trusted medical billing services in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Who do we Serve?

YellowStone XPs offers comprehensive revenue cycle management, from patient intake to payment receipt, supporting practice growth and maximizing productivity to all healthcare sectors like hospitals, private clinics, emergency services and more. As an extension of your team, we help streamline workflows and maintain compliance, allowing doctors to focus on patient care.


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Why Choose Us ?

YellowStone XPs is a trusted leader in Healthcare BPO, offering HIPAA-compliant services tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare industry. Our expert agents are held to the highest standards and are skilled in managing complex clinical workflows. By partnering with YellowStone XPs, clients benefit from improved consistency, a low barrier to entry, and cloud capabilities, allowing them to efficiently deploy resources, reduce errors, and access services with ease. Our commitment to using advanced technologies and providing exceptional patient experiences makes them a top choice for healthcare BPO needs.

Medical Billing Services We Offer

Benefits of Choosing Our Billing Services

YellowStone XPs is a leading provider of Healthcare Billing services, offering a range of benefits to clients. YellowStone XPs flexible Billing solutions enable businesses to refocus capital on core activities like patient care, medical equipment, and continuing education. By outsourcing time-consuming tasks, businesses can reduce labor and operating expenses and allocate their resources more effectively.

More Focus on Patient Care

Reduced Administrative Duties

Enhanced Cash Flow

Reduced Billing Errors

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Secured Patient Data

Billing Compliance

Process Claims Faster

Patient Billing

We are your medical billing service provider. We are an extension of your staff. A part of your team. We handle the revenue management. Your entire team of doctors, nurses, front-desk staff and techs all has a function in your organization. That's the goal to work as a team and give the best care you can for your patients.

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