Privacy principles of Yellowstone Xperiences.

Maintaining client privacy has always been essential to our company. After reading our Privacy Policy, our clients will have a better understanding of how we protect the confidentiality of their personally identifiable information while utilising it to deliver services. However, please be informed that additional privacy rights, principles, or policies specific to your country of residence and usually guaranteed by your government may not always apply to you as a Yellowstone Xperiences customer/client due to the limited scope of organisations that have actual jurisdiction over Yellowstone Xperiences' business activities.

No company, not even our own affiliates, agents, or information suppliers, will receive any information given through this website that we release or transfer. However, in response to a legitimate written request from a law enforcement agency, we might be asked to provide such information.

Absolutely, unconditionally and positively, no spam

Yellowstone Xperiences assures you that providing your email address won't lead to an excessive number of unsolicited emails being sent. We are the only entity that has access to your email address. We firmly promise that your information won't be accessed or used for the previously mentioned purposes by any other business, partner, or even our own affiliates. Though we restrict the quantity of these emails, you may occasionally receive alerts and updates about our services. This policy does not cover service notifications related to account balance, expiration, or technical aspects of your membership.

How we protect client information

We take our responsibility to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of any customer information extremely seriously. To protect client information against unauthorised access, use, alteration, and destruction, we establish physical, electronic, and procedural protections that meet with applicable legal standards. Our own policies and processes have been designed to protect client confidentiality and ensure compliance with relevant rules and regulations. We hold our employees accountable for adhering to these policies, processes, rules, and regulations.

We collect, use and maintain client information only for appropriate purposes.

We limit the collection, use, and retention of client information to what we reasonably believe is necessary to offer the service, operate our business, sell our services, and comply with applicable laws and regulations. We only assess your personal information when it improves the services we may provide to our clients or is required for regular and legal company operations. Only genuine requests from law enforcement will be provided access to your personal information in any other manner. Client information is kept private, including from our own business units and affiliates. We do share your identifying information with merchants who are legally required to store copies of clients' IDs owing to country requirements. We may disclose information about our clients as required by law. For example, we may share information with regulatory bodies and law enforcement officials that have jurisdiction over us, or if relevant legislation requires us to do so and disclose information to prevent fraud.

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